how to properly train a dog


If you likely had a day or two when you felt like your dog just was not paying any attention to you at all, right? You talked, you yelled, you shouted, maybe you jumped up and down and waved your arms, but she just was not interested in anything you had to say to her in any tone of voice. You are not alone.

Your dog is not human.

Unless you believe in pet psychics, there is no way for you to read your pooch’s mind and figure out just what she is thinking. The fantastic thing is that, like many dog owners, the problems you’re having can probably be traced to one simple thing: you are trying to communicate with your dog from a human standpoint, and your dog is not a human. Sure, you know that, but plenty of humans attempt to associate with their dogs at the ways they believe are rational as people. The problem is that dogs are pushed in every act and every moment by very strong instincts. Deciphering those instincts and leveraging them to build a successful relationship is like finding the keys to the city.

Your dog does not speak English.

for instance. Can she speak it? What is meaningful to her is the tone of voice, not the term itself. Now let us think about that ñ we are taking up extra time trying to educate our dog a word she will never speak and that probably does not mean much to her anyway. Sure, it is significant to us, but that is just 1 side of this equation. What about something that’s meaningful to both dog and human?

If you believe that mutually meaningful language does not exist, you are not thinking creatively enough. Anything from  get from my food  to  back off, dude,  right? Yet in every instance, a dog’s growl typically means that she’s not pleased with whatever you have done. And you have seen dogs react to other dogs’ growls, right? Where is the disconnect? Growl in your dog! Next time your pooch begins stepping outside her boundaries or doing something you do not enjoy, growl at her. A nice, strong, guttural growl that would place the alpha wolf in a pack to shame. As you’re growling, look into her eyes. You are almost guaranteed that she will back off. It might be best to test it in your house environment to begin with ñ I do not need to be held responsible for you getting funny looks in the road!

Instincts save time and communicate efficiently. You worked with her intuition and the information hardwired into her brain, and the result was instantaneous. Why spend a great deal of time trying to work against that instinct and end up frustrated, angry, and miscommunications? This strategy works in everything from basic subject to full-on obedience training. You simply need to determine how to use it in all these scenarios.