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how to cut a bob 10 steps with wikihow to cut a bob divide your hair into 3 even sections one in the back and one on either side of your head and put them into ponytail holders cut the back section off with your scissors moving the hair tie securing this section up or down based on the length you want ce you’re done trimming your hair release the back section then release the longer sides then simply use a hair razor to shape the side sections until they are the length that you’d like the bob how to cut a layered bob with wikihow bobs are a super stylish look if you re hoping for a shorter option and adding layers will give your hair more volume to cut a layered bob begin cutting the hair in sections it s important to create an even base line that goes horizontally so that you have a reference point when creating the rest of the cut as well as the layers b each section of hair out before cutting it to ensure you re making even cuts and make the cuts at an angle to form layers bob haircut bob hair cutting tutorial haircut tutorial if you like our work give it a thumbs up and also hit that red angry subscribe button to be e a part of our family ment down your views to let us know 3 ways to cut the back of a bob haircut wikihow to cut the back of a classic bob haircut start by washing the person’s hair to make it easier to work with after you’ve cleaned their hair b it along their central part and divide the hair into 4 equal sections using hair ties ce you’ve divided the person’s hair b out a diagonal section of their hair from the bottom so that it lies flat against their neck use your b and scissors to cut a straight line across the middle when the first section is straight how to cut a soft blunt bob b the hair in its natural fall using zero elevation zero over direction and minimal tension begin cutting the neckline in a subtle c shape to preserve the corners and allow the bob to follow the neckline without losing the corner behind the ear ly cut the back wet to just underneath the crown leaving the crown and sides to be cut dry the crown tends to jump or have cowlicks so try cutting the crown dry to allow it to lay in its most natural position before cutting

Inspiring How to Cut A Bob Hairstyle Collection Of Bob Hairstyles Style Gallery