Dad, Can I Have Puppieee


Instead of dodge the issue, parents must think about if their family is prepared for a pet,” says Sharon Bergen, senior vice president of training and education to Knowledge Learning Corporation, the country’s top supplier of early childhood care and education.

Bergen indicates that parents consider the advantages and disadvantages of adding a pet into the family before agreeing to your child’s petition. “A pet may teach kids responsibility and become a superb addition to some family-or it could be a burden,” she states.

Who’ll care for your pet?

Do you’ve got space to get a pet? Families living in flats or townhouses could favor a cat, a fish or bird, instead of a Labrador retriever. Check the library or Web to find out more about different kinds and breeds of pets to ascertain the one most acceptable for your loved ones.

Having a pet is time consuming and might be costly. Relatives should realize they could need to give up other tasks to correctly care for a pet. If the prospect appears to be too frightening, parents might suggest waiting until your kid is old enough to care for a creature.

Bergen urges the entire family fulfill the creature before opting to take it all home.