Best Emergency Care for Dogs


Tips for Handling an Emergency with Your Dogs

Have you ever thought about what you need to do should your dog ñ or another dog ñ ever suffer a serious, life threatening injury? What if they have a severe allergy to an insect bite or a bee sting? Itís good to know your vetís telephone number, but what if something happens during off hours? Imagine if you donít know where the closest emergency animal clinic is located?

Augh! Enough with the questions already, right? Any emergency is stressful and scary, and one involving that furry little four-legged member of your family is no exception. The roughest of owners can be instantly reduced to helpless chunks of mush if somethingís wrong with their dogs and they canít figure out what to do.

1. Preparation is key.

The key to getting through a veterinary emergency is prep. You may think you have that covered with a first aid kit and having the phone number to your vet handy, but what if there isnít enough time to move your dog? You need to be well-versed in some of the more common animal emergencies just in case a situation ever arises. And hey, if a situation never arises, youíll still feel more confident knowing that you have the capability to cope with one.

2. Did you know that you shouldnt use hydrogen peroxide on a bleeding wound?

Nope. It slows clotting to the area, which means your dog could actually lose more blood than he would if you didnít use the peroxide in any respect. In actuality, the best way to deal with a deep, severely bleeding wound is to apply a clean cloth and hold it in place for five minutes, then tape the cloth to the wound. That original cloth should never be removed ñ which also slows clotting ñ and should instead be layered with more clean cloths if blood soaks through.

3. Know what to do about poisoning.

Did you know that certain varieties of toads, salamanders, newts, and other amphibians are poisonous if licked? Hey, guess who likes to hold little woodland critters in his mouth! Your dog. If you notice your pup drooling, whining, and wiping at his mouth after a trip into the forest, get him to a clean water supply and rinse his mouth thoroughly. While the toxin can be fatal if left in the mouth, itís fairly simple to cleanse from the glands and tongue.
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